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Benefits of Paying out of Pocket For Therapy ....

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Most people want to look for a therapist through insurance because it is more cost efficient. Hey who doesn't want to save some money on a weekly appointment? But what is it really costing you to go through insurance?

The cons of going through insurance for therapy :

  1. Having to receive a mental health diagnoses from the DSM that will go on your permanent medical record.Unfortunately there is not a diagnoses for "needing support" or "Wanting more insight into myself"

  2. Not getting the correct amount of sessions that you need for your personal mental health. Insurance sometimes allows a certain amount of session coverage. Clients usually need more than insurance would like to pay for. It is also important to know that people do not graduate from therapy! Therapy is an added tool in one's life for support, awareness and validation. It is okay to take a break from therapy after feeling more stable but life throws us curve balls. Once you feel the benefits of great therapy, you know how vital it is, especially when having a difficult time.

  3. Having to settle for a therapist that you do not feel comfortable with / that doesn't have the right therapeutic framework for your needs. The most important part of therapy is the client-therapist relatioship. If you do not feel comfortable /seen/heard by your therapist, they are not for you! Not everyone is for everyone and that is okay and even beautiful! Shop around and find your therapist. This is done so freely through self-pay.

  4. Still having to pay a co-pay for a therapist you didn't get to pick for yourself. You already pay for insurance and now you are playing a weekly co-pay for a therapist you did not even hand pick or worst, may not feel comfortable with.

  5. Having to change therapist if/when your insurance changes or if that therapist does not take your insurance anymore. Finding the right therapist can be difficult sometimes. Once you create the relationship it is difficult to want to change therapist. Many client feel like they are "starting all over again" when looking for a new therapist which deters them from really trying. This often causes people to take a longer break from therapy than recommended which could result in set backs.

The truth is some people really need to go through insurance for therapy, which is okay too! But if you can budget for your mental health, it could make a pivotal difference. Why do we feel the need to save when it comes to our mental health? Our mental health determines the quality of our lives and dare I say, even the quantity of our lives. Why cut corners on something so significant ? Most self-pay therapist will work with your budget and if they can't, they will refer you to someone who can!

Therapy provides freedom in your life. Start the freedom now by granting yourself the power to hand pick your therapist!

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